Open Cages: My Q&A with mink farm owner

Open Cages: My Q&A with mink farm owner

Yet another case demonstrating the power of communication. This time, as a member of Open Cages association, I arranged a meeting with a mink farm owner. The objective was to find out in person what attitude to life and personality you need to have in order to choose to breed and kill animals for money. While I was aware our points of view were going to be extremely different, I was hoping to have a chat and show this man a different perspective: #saynotofur


Earlier today I met with the farm owner’s son who as I had been informed is due to take over as of January 2020. It turns out he’s a man in his 30ies who’s agreed to follow in his father’s footsteps. Farming foxes and minks is what he’s grown up to, his parents have been making their living this way since he remembers. The guy has simply assumed this is what he’s going to do too.

Q: Do you want to do it?
A: I guess. I try not to think much about it, it’s quite good money though.

Q: Is it easy to farm animals for fur?
A: It definitely isn’t; on the contrary, it’s hard. I need to carry heavy boxes with food, so my back’s been playing up. I need be here every day, including weekends and bank holidays.

Q: Aren’t you bothered by seeing your animals stuck in small cages? Don’t you mind gassing and electrocuting them?
A: I try to take as good care of the minks as I can. I provide them with food, constant supply of water and skilfully electrocute them so they don’t suffer. I don’t think the cages are small, they are compliant with EU standards.

Q: You are an educated man, we both know small and middle sized farms are becoming unprofitable and can’t compete with the large ones. Have you considered closing the farm and starting a different job?
A: Yes, I’ve even had different jobs (hotel manager) but it’s less money and I guess I don’t like to report to a superior, I like to be my own boss.

Q: And if I found you a well-paid job with enough independence, would you consider it and what would happen to the farm?
A: Yes I would. Nobody would buy this farm from me or even take it over for free, this business is becoming less and less profitable in Poland.

Bring it on, I’m on a mission now looking for a job for this guy ? Wish me luck!


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