Workshop for companies: Diplomacy in international communications

Workshop for companies: Diplomacy in international communications

This summer I am due to deploy my skills and offer companies a workshop titled Diplomacy in international business communications. This is directed at any company, whether national or international, which wishes to communicate better and more diplomatically with foreign partners or clients from abroad. I’m fully convinced that diplomatic and effective communications contribute to financial success of a company and boost its reputation. Similarly, poor and insensitive communications can often hinder company’s growth on the international stage. I dare to say that skilled communications is almost every company’s gate to success. Hence, I have developed this hands-on workshop which:

  • Helps both the management and employees realise the importance of diplomacy in international communications and its potential to contribute to success of marketing, PR and sales
  • Is full of examples of poor or insensitive intercultural communications and explains how to avoid making similar mistakes
  • Gives examples of successful international communications patterns
  • Provides participants with ready-to-use diplomatic expressions
  • Provides paritcipants with trendy expressions in business English
  • Aims to boost participants’ confidence in their business English skills thanks to practical exercises, such as role playing, developing dialogues or responding to emails
  • Aims to address any questions or doubts participants may have with regards to international and intercultural communications.

What I can do and would strongly encourage you to request is to tailor this workshop to the needs of your company and its employees. I would be more than happy to discuss the details, simply call or email me.


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